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Thanks to its location, guests of the Colonna San Marco can easily get to the most beautiful beaches in Porto Rotondo and the whole of the Costa Smeralda.
The free Mare Mare shuttle service, made available by the Porto Rotondo Consortium, takes guests to the nearby beaches of Spiaggia Ira and Spiaggia dei Sassi.

Spiaggia Ira is one of Porto Rotondo's most renowned beaches and is located in Punta Nuraghe. It is a beautiful long beach of fine, white sand that contrasts with the incredibly clear, blue sea. On the sides of the beach, there is a low reef, which is perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts! Its name is linked to its history: in fact, this marvellous beach was once princess Ira Funstenberg's favourite place. She lived in one of the villas situated along the beach.

La Spiaggia dei Sassi (Beach of Stones) is located in Punta Volpe. This long beach of fine sand and little light grey stones is surrounded by a spectacular reef. The sandy seabed and the calm waters make this beach particularly suitable for long walks and relaxing swimming. In this location, there are numerous bathing establishments equipped with beach umbrellas, sun loungers and bars dedicated to their guests.

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