sea & beaches

Just a few kilometres from the hotel, you can get to some of Olbia's most beautiful beaches, all with fine, white sand and washed by Sardinia's clear, blue waters:
  • Pittulongu 8 km
  • Porto Istana 8 km
  • Bados 10 km
  • Marinella 12 km
Moving north, about 30 km from the hotel, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches of the well-known Costa Smeralda:
  • The Piccolo Pevero and the Grande Pevero
  • The Romazzino
  • The Spiaggia del Principe
  • CapricciolI
  • The Celvia
  • The Liscia Ruja
  • Razza di Junca
  • Rena Bianca
The wonderful “Parco di Tavola” is worth visiting. It is a protected marina that can be reached by boat from Porto San Paolo, a tourist location just 10 km from Olbia, where you can enjoy the incomparable beaches and the sea. For diving enthusiasts, days out and courses in underwater marine biology are also available.