Hotels for families in Porto Cervo

Family hotels, especially in Porto Cervo, which has a fantastic social life, can be tiring for kids, but at the Colonna Residence this is not the case.

What makes the Colonna Residence special, and the reasons why it is so popular with people looking for a family hotel in Porto Cervo, is how private the various types of apartments for families are and how guests staying there can continue to enjoy their own rhythms and habits, which is so important for children.

Yet the central location of he Colonna Residence in Porto Cervo means that you are only minutes away from the lively social scene and the best boutiques which are popular with those who want to renew their wardrobe. Staying in one of the best family hotels in Porto Cervo does not mean having to renounce the town’s many attractions. And, as in all the best family hotels, the Porto Cervo Colonna Residence also has a magnificent swimming pool consisting of two communicating pools which have an area where children can have fun without disturbing those guests who want to enjoy some relaxation.

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