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Cinema festival in Sardinia Italy

Una notte in Italia Festival

Many cultural events are organized in the Gallura: from the “Una notte in Italia” cinema festival on the Tavolara, to the Jazz Festival in and around Olbia.

Spending holidays in the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo, in the heart of Olbia, can easily become a culturally enriching experience as well as a chance to relax and take a break from work. In fact many cultural events are organized in this part of the Gallura and among them are the famous “Una notte in Italia” cinema festival which was launched in 1991 and today, more than twenty years later, is still a success year after year.

The “Una notte in Italia”, festival is truly spectacular as it is held on the island of Tavolara in what has been described as “the world’s most stunning outdoor arena and a true cinema paradise” which is easy to get to for guests staying at the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo thanks to its handy position in the centre of Olbia. World-famous trumpet player Paolo Fresu was borin n the the Gallura and he created a jazz festival for his native region. Since 1977 this Jazz Festival has filled the warm mid-August nights with the soft notes of some of the world’s greatest artists.

Choosing to spend your holidays at the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo does not just mean beaches and sea but also the “Una notte in Italia”, jazz festival in Olbia and other cultural events that are organized during the summer months to delight visitors with new and exciting entertainment.

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