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Exploring the Gallura also means delightful evenings in one of the many typical restaurants in Olbia: and you must try the cuisine in the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo.
Enjoy the Gallura’s culture and its history in one of Olbia’s many typical restaurants. This area was dominated by many different peoples from the Carthaginians on, and they left layer after layer of flavours and culinary traditions that can still be enjoyed today. And one of Olbia’s typical restaurants is in the charming rooms in the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo, so why not start your gastronomic journey right here with the “Suppa Cuata” which is a delicious soup with bread hidden under a crunchy layer of cheese and the tasty “Zimino di pesce”? One dish you are sure to find in all of Olbia’s typical restaurants is the “Porcetto”, which is popular throughout the region, and then there are the famous and tasty melt-in-the-mouth “Seadas” with their cheese and Gallura honey stuffing which originated in the Gallura and then spread throughout Sardinia. Book your table at the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo and you will fall under the spell of Olbia’s typical cuisine and its restaurants.

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