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The Shergan racktrack

All those who love polo will certainly know the Shergan racetrack, home to the Costa Smeralda Cup, and just 25 kilometres from Olbia.

It only takes thirty minutes by car from the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo to get to the Shergan which is a must for polo fans, and also an entertaining place for anyone who loves horses and horseracing in general.

The Shergan is on some 13 hectares in San Pantaleo which is just 25 kilometres from the centre of Olbia, and the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo offers all visitors a chance to take riding lessons in the riding school which is for adults or the pony school which is for children. The most important event, and the one which makes the Shergan track really worth a visit, is the Costa Smeralda Polo Cup which has taken place every year since 2006 on this extraordinary field. To watch eight horsemen chasing one another over grass and granite in a sport which is thousands of years old (the first polo games we know of wer played in 600 A.D.) is an unforgettable experience. Book your room in the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo and you will get a front-row seat.

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