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Hotel with paring in Sardinia

The Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo is a hotel with parking in Olbia: and parking is very useful when you want to explore the heart of Sardinia.

The city of Olbia is without a doubt the gateway to the Costa Smeralda and this is why it is so well known, but it also has an age-old history that dates back to the Carthaginian domination in the 4th century B.C. and so is an excellent starting point for discovering the fascinating history of the northern part of Sardinia. Our hotel with parking in Olbia will help you to forget traffic problems and spend time delving into history. Because the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo is a hotel with parking in the centre Olbia, close to the railway station, the port and the airport, it is in a position which is ideal for exploring the city and the environs: from the splendid beach of Pittulongu to the nearby Saline and from Bados to Porto San Paolo - the port from which boats leave to explore the protected marine area of the Tavolara Park - which are the major tourist attractions in the area and are easy to reach with the services offered by our hotel with parking. Because in summer when Olbia is crowded with visitors finding a place to park your car can be more difficult than you would think.

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