Piazza Montecitorio, 12
00186 Roma
Tel: +39 06.675191
Fax: 06.6794496

Hotel near Olbia airport

The Colonna Palace Mediterraneo is a hotel near Olbia airport right in the centre of the town.

The convenience of booking a room in a hotel close to Olbia airport, especially in the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo, not only means being able to land and find yourself a few minutes later relaxing on your bed but also, and even more important, staying in the heart of the “gateway to the Costa Smeralda”.

The city’s nightlife, its bars and restaurants and also its military history, which is to be found throughout this area which in ancient times was known as “Terranova,” are an excellent reason to stay in our hotel which is close to Olbia airport. So spend some days exploring the region, rather than only concentrating on the splendid localities along the coast.

If, on the other hand, you can not resist the sea and white beaches, do think of staying a few days in the city at the Colonna Palace Hotel. Our hotel is close to Olbia airport and to the city centre and is an ideal starting point for exploring the most famous resorts along the north-east coast: from Pittulongu to Porto Istana, and from Marinella to Bados you will discover transparent waters and silky sandy beaches.

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