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rooms 4 stars in Sardinia

Choose from the many different types of rooms in the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo for 4-star rooms in Sardinia that reflect what you want from a hotel.

The Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo in Olbia has beautiful 4-star rooms for guests who want to stay in Sardinia, and they have something for everyone, from singles to rooms for large families. In fact we have single rooms, doubles, triples and rooms for four with all modern comforts. There is certainly no shortage of 4-star rooms in Sardinia, but the care the staff and management of the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo give to preparing and maintaining the hotel means that the quality in our hotel fears no competition. When you come to Olbia, which is the beating heart of the Costa Smeralda and one of the most interesting historical cities in Sardinia, stay at the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo. You will discover the history and culture of the Gallura region and many traces of other days very close to your cosy and comfortable room. “Four stars in Sardinia” will be the name of your holiday in the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo!

Special Offers

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