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Boat trips in Sardinia, Maddalena

Take interesting excursions and visit Garibaldi’s house: the Colonna Palace Hotel organizes boat trips in Sardinia to the Maddalena.

It is possible to enjoy excursions to the many charming islands with traces of Giuseppe Garibaldi in the northern part of Sardinia, just a few kilometres from Olbia and from the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo. Because in the Maddalena the best way to get around and discover hidden coves and ravines is by boat. By staying in the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo and taking advantage of Olbia’s strategic position, our courteous and professional staff will help you to book splendid excursions into the hinterland of the Gallura region with its fascinating history and traditions, or exciting boat trips to the Maddalena or to explore nearby beaches, which can be reached overland but are much more spectacular when approached from the sea.

But the most interesting excursions are boat trips to discover the fascinating history Garibaldi’s era which leaves deep impressions. But then this archipelago is a succession of beaches, cliffs and crystal-clear waters that will long remain in your memory as special moments your enjoyed during your stay in the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo.

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