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Beaches in Sardinia - Spargi & Budelli

Another way to spend an enchanting day away from the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo is to visit the beaches of Spargi and Budelli.

The islands in the Maddalena archipelago are an explosion of Mediterranean colours, from the green of the Mediterranean scrub, to the grey of the cliffs that drop to the sea, to the splendid turquoise of the waters which are at their most stunning on the Spargi and Budelli beaches which are among the most famous tourist spots in the area. The staff of the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo is happy to help you organise your excursions to the archipelago to discover the Maddalena, the island Caprera which was the last home of Giuseppe Garibaldi and on which there is a very popular museum, and then the enchanting beaches of Spargi an Budelli which every summer attract visitors from all over the world who come to swim in their crystal-clear waters.

Staying at the Colonna Palace Hotel Mediterraneo in Olbia does not mean missing out on this wonderful part of the northern coast of Sardinia. Because our professional staff is on hand to help you organize fantastic excursions and discover the Maddalena so that the magical beaches on Spargi and Budelli are not left off your travel list.

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