Presso Golfo di Cugnana
07026 Olbia (OT)
Tel. +39 0789 33004
Fax. +39 0789 33477
Gds Codes
Amadeus: OLBCHG
Sabre: 163084
Galileo/Apollo: 88364
Worldspan: OLBDG

Hotels with entertainment in Sardinia

In many hotels in Sardinia the time spent on entertainment can reduce the time guests have for relaxation, at the Colonna Hotel du Golf we make every effort to ensure that this does not happen.

The Colonna Hotel du Golf is one of the hotels with entertainment in Sardinia in which the attention to guests’ relaxing time is given a lot of serious thought. In fact we believe that the success of a holiday depends on guaranteeing that our guests can enjoy themselves and take part in collective entertainment without this disturbing their need for relaxation and privacy. The entertainment in the Colonna Hotel du Golf consists mainly of sporting activities. There is a synthetic grass area which, unlike many other hotels with entertainment in Sardinia, is used for five-a-side football, tennis and volleyball and can be used by guests who are interested in these sports.

Courteous and friendly staff often make the difference between positive and negative memories of stays in hotels with entertainment. In Sardinia this is even more true, because a paradise like this does not deserve being spoilt by anything. And this is why at the Colonna Hotel du Golf we select only the best professionals to look after the entertainment and the hospitality!

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