Tennis in Sardinia

At the Colonna Beach Residence all those who love tennis and Sardinia will find that it is possible to make their dreams come true.

And don’t forget to put your favourite racquet into your bags as at the Colonna Beach Residence, tennis and Sardinia go arm in arm thanks to the modern Tennis Club Colonna in this stunning part of the Gallura. Guests can also play at night thanks to the flood lights on the court, thereby taking full advantage of the facilities for leisure at this splendid residence with a tennis court. Many hotels in Sardinia have guest accommodation and modern, well-equipped sporting facilities but the Colonna Beach is unique in that it has has one-room, two-room and three-room residential units in luxuriant gardens in this residence with tennis in a stunningly beautiful part of Sardinia.

The Gulf of Marinella beach which is very close to the property is one of the most popular destinations for tourists who come to explore this part of the Gallura, and guests at the Colonna Beach will have a front row seat, as this residence with tennis is, in fact, only metres from the crystal-clear waters of the Sardinian Sea.

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