Residence in Sardinia offers

Discover the special offers for our holidays at the Colonna Beach Residence which is in Sardinia and just 10 kilometres from the Costa Smeralda.

One of the Gallura’s most beautiful gulfs is just a few minutes by car from the famous Costa Smeralda, and the enchanting Colonna Beach, for which you will find many special offers for holidays in a residence in Sardinia, is right in the centre of the Gulf of Marinella.

You can choose between various room types, from the more reserved one-bedroom units to the spacious and well-equipped three-bedrooms, all of which are set in beautiful gardens of Mediterranean scrub which contrast with the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Marinella; in this magical setting evenings in this holiday residence in Sardinia are a delightful break from the daily routine.

Whether you are alone or with your family the Colonna Beach Residence is also a perfect starting point for exploring many of the most beautiful parts of Sardnia which are easy to get to in just a few minutes by car or, in the case of the Gulf of Marinella, on foot. Don’t miss out on this unique occasion to avail yourself of the special holiday offers for this residence in Sardinia. You will discover that the Gallura is a lot closer than you ever thought!

Special Offers