Resdience with restaurnat in Sardinia

The Colonna Beach Residence has a refined restaurant where guess can enjoy all the flavours of Sardinia. Set in verdant Mediterranean scrub and a short walk from the white sandy beach on the Gulf of Marinella, the Colonna Beach has quiet guestrooms in the residence’s gardens, and a restaurant in which Sardinian and international specialities blend in a tempting succession of flavours. The little Piazzetta Colonna square is the heart of the residential complex and leading off it there are pedestrian pathways winding through the attractive gardens to the sea, the guestrooms and the restaurant, making this corner of Sardinia a true home away from home. In fact as you stroll around the public areas of the Colonna Beach you will feel you are walking around our own home thanks also to the warm and professional staff who will make sure that you always feel at home and make the residence, the restaurant and Sardinia an indelible memory of your dream holiday.

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