Hotels 4 stars in Sardinia

The best choice is the Colonna Beach, a residence with a swimming pool on the Gulf of Marinella, and one of the finest 4-star hotels in Sardinia.

The Colonna Beach has both a hotel and a residence, is an enchanting geographic position and can boast highly professional staff, as a result it is one of the best choices for anyone wanting to stay in a 4-star hotel in Sardinia with a swimming pool so that anyone who does not feel like going down to the beach can relax beside the pool and delight in the sea breezes.

Sardinia’s 4-star hotels are very popular, especially with couples and families who want to spend their holidays far away from their daily routines, in a stunning setting and pampered by a highly professional staff.

Those staying at the Colonna Beach Residence - which is only three kilometres from Porto Rotondo - who prefer fresh water will enjoy swimming in the residence’s pool. This is a gem of a Sardinian 4-star hotel with a swimming pool, set in green Mediterranean scrub, and diving into the blue pool is a perfect way to refresh oneself and relax.

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