Beach Hotel in Sardinia

The Colonna Beach Residence has a swimming pool and is really close to all the best beaches in Sardinia.

The Gulf of Marinella is just three kilometres from Porto Rotondo, and guests staying at the Colonna Beach Residence have the chance to stay in a hotel close to a splendid beach and with swimming pool. Many boats and yachts come from all over the Mediterranean to dock here in the Marinella’s crystal-clear waters and enjoy the hotel’s large swimming pool and stunning location.

At the Colonna Beach Residence guests can choose the type of accommodation they prefer, from one-room units in the residence for a total of 50 guests, to the well-appointed rooms in the hotel, all of which are in stunning Mediterranean gardens with private pathways along the Gulf of Marinella. The famous and highly popular Costa Smeralda is just 10 kilometres away and you will enjoy the pleasure of staying in a hotel with a beach and a swimming pool. There are not many places in Sardinia that are able to offer the same levels of excellence, blending traditions and modern facilities while fully respecting nature and the environment.

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